One common question I often get from clients is: "WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!?!?!" While Pinterest offers many options, it's important to stay true to your personal style and comfort. You don't want to feel uncomfortable during your session because of your outfit! Follow these three guidelines to ensure you look and feel amazing!


Remember to steer clear of busy patterns when choosing your outfits for the photoshoot. Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns to ensure that you and your partner are the main focus of the photos, not your clothes. Let the epic scenery and your love for each other shine through in the pictures. And if we're shooting outdoors, neutral colors are the way to go to complement the stunning surroundings!


If you know me at ALL you know that I am absolutely obsessed with those wild and untamed moments. I put in all my effort to capture the raw beauty of your relationship and the thrilling adventure of the moment (which is basically our photoshoot!). Flowy dresses and skirts are an excellent choice to bring some flow and movement into your photos. They have this magical ability to make everything look extra dramatic, and I absolutely love that! Another way to infuse that wild movement into your photos is by letting your hair loose and down. Trust me, it adds that perfect touch of spice. Oh, and don't forget about adding a hat for a few shots to enhance the overall vibe. And if you really want to create a dramatic aspect, throw on an oversized scarf. It's all about capturing those wild and untamed moments, my friend!


I've mentioned this before, but it's crucial that you stay true to yourself! If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it can make it hard to fully enjoy the experience. Sure, that sleeveless romper may look stunning on you, but if you're constantly adjusting it or worried about a wardrobe malfunction, it will reflect in your photos. Prioritize clothing that allows you to move freely and feels good on your body. Focus on the beautiful surroundings, your partner, and having an unforgettable time - not on uncomfortable attire. Embrace your favorite outfit or treat yourself to something new for the shoot - just ensure it's comfy so you can shine without any wardrobe mishaps!

These three suggestions might come across as simple, but that's totally fine! You've likely scheduled this session to capture a special moment in your relationship, so you and your partner should be the main focus! When you look back at the photos, you won't be focusing on your outfits. Instead, you'll be captivated by his expression and the way he gazes at you with adoring love (or vice versa!). You'll cherish the memories of climbing mountains, jumping into the river, and dancing in this field. Those are the highlights of the session, and your attire should enhance that vibe; not overshadow it! And if you're one of my clients, I go above and beyond to help you plan some amazing outfits for our session!!! So make sure to take advantage of that, alright?!?!

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