The question is... Why wouldn't you have an engagement session ?

An engagement photo session is important for a number of reasons, one or all of the reasons might resonate with who the two of you are as a couple.

Whatever reason you choose to have an engagement session, I can promise you won’t regret it !

Invermere photographer
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Cranbrook photographer

Let's Celebrate !

You just engaged and in a blink of an eye you will be husband and wife

Ease those pesky nerves.

Don't worry, you're not the only one who gets nervous in front of the camera. But do you really want those nerves to be at their peak when you're about to say your vows? Having an engagement session can help you get comfortable being in front of the camera. It gives you the chance to feel those nerves and gradually start to relax and get used to it. And the best part is, there's no pressure, no expectations, and you're not the main focus. So go ahead and ease those pesky nerves!

Go on an exciting journey with your best adventure companion.

Getting engagement photos is a chance for you and your special someone to choose any adventure you want to celebrate together. Do you feel like taking your dog for a walk in the woods? Or maybe landing on an ancient glacier in a helicopter? How about having a picnic by your favorite lake? Or popping open a bottle of Champagne on a mountain top? You could even hike to a breathtaking view and end the day with a beer at a local craft brewery. Let your imagination run wild!

Get comfortable with your photographer.

Your wedding photographer will be present for intimate moments, so it's important to ensure you understand each other before your big day! Engagement sessions help the photographer understand your preferences - whether you're quiet and subtle or lively and humorous. This way, they can capture your best and most authentic selves as a couple. Getting to know your photo team beforehand will help you feel at ease and relaxed when it counts the most.

Save the date and wedding website pics.

Not everyone will be interested in this, but if you're planning to send out save the date cards and create a wedding website (which not all couples do, and that's totally fine!), engagement sessions can help you get stunning photos that you'll be excited to use for these cards and your site.

Gorgeous photos … that aren’t in your wedding clothes!

Engagement photos give you the opportunity to capture some awesome shots of yourselves that aren't all about your wedding outfits...or just a selfie! While having stunning photos in your wedding attire is definitely amazing, it's also meaningful to have some photos that showcase other aspects of your relationship. Pictures of you both doing something you love, being adorable together, and simply enjoying each other's company. It's all about being relaxed, natural, and authentically you.

In the end, engagement sessions hold great significance as they allow you to realize your own stunning beauty, witness the incredible bond you share with your partner, and boost your confidence for the big day.

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I really hope you're on board! I absolutely love engagement sessions and I think every couple should have one! 

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