On your big day, there are countless beautiful moments that deserve to be captured. From the deep and intimate exchanges of love to the laughter and fun shared with friends and family, every moment is precious.

This past July I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding where the ceremony was inside such a cute little church. I was so excited to get out my comfort zone. Before I keep talking about this amazing day I leave you have a peak at these beautiful photos taken inside the church... !

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Oh, how heartwarming it was to witness the wedding in that charming small church! As the bride glided down the aisle in her elegant gown, the groom stood beaming with pure delight. Surrounding them, their families and friends radiated love and joy.

There were tears of happiness while these two were ealing their bond forever. It truly was a day where love and laughter intertwined, leaving indelible memories etched in the hearts of all those who were lucky enough to share in this beautiful celebration.

Now I leave you have a pick at one of my favourites photos from their day !