Let's hangout, take some photos, and make you look amazing !

First off, if you've never had photos taken before. It's going to be way easier and more fun than you probably would expect !

Every couple or family is unique, so your session is really totally up to you. If you have ideas for an epic location or fun activity I'm 100% down to go with the flow. Most people think a photoshoot is going to be awkward, boring, and full of fake smiles. The truth is your session is about capturing the REAL you. So bring your genuine self, and we'll capture some amazing photographs together. 

Number one thing I want you to remember? Being comfortable is EVERYTHING.

You should look and feel like yourself, first and foremost!


Cranbrook photographer


It’s about the feeling of being in your own skin !

It’s not uncommon for people to want to shop for new, sparkly, fabulous clothes to wear to a photoshoot. And that’s totally fine. Let’s talk about comfort a little more. Do you think you’d be more comfortable in your favourite t-shirt and jeans or a new clingy little black dress? The best route is usually to go with something that’s tried and true. Something you know moves with you and hugs you in all the right places.

If authenticity is what you’re after, you’re going to have to show up as yourself. And if you want to capture this time of your life in all its glory, then it’s about the feeling of being in your own skin.

And if you're still not sure, just ask me and I'll help you :)


Plan your outfits around what you know about the conditions at the location we’ll be shooting at. You’ll want to be warm enough or cool enough, have pain-free feet, and look relatively native to your environment. For at home sessions, slip into your comfiest comfies and rock that. The idea is to authentically capture you wherever you are. Think through your clothing choices logically based on location, vibe, and comfort level!


A rule of thumb here is to choose to either complement your natural environment or contrast it. A mustard dress in a deep green forest will look epic, whereas a bright pink, patterned dress doesn’t really fit in with your surroundings.

It totally depends on what you’re looking for !

Aim for neutrals, earthy tones. These colors compliment the outdoor environment almost anywhere you go and look damn fine as a printed, framed photograph.


These colors, the ones that look incredible together, are called complementary colours. They complement each other and create a visual harmony. Complementary colors sit across from one another on the color wheel (i.e. blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple).

A mustard sweater pops against water and an orange top pops against the green grass. You get my flow?


Don't Match Each Other

You don’t want to create the illusion of being your partner’s siamese twin. When multiple people wear the same colour, sometimes their matching outfits blend together so much that you can’t really see any of them properly.

In order for the aesthetics of your photograph to really sing, you want to find complementary outfits that showcase a variety of colors, textures, accessories, patterns, and tones.

Complement the other people in the photograph as well as your surroundings. The idea is to have everything look good together without everything looking the same.

But for the rebels, rules are meant to be broken !

Calgary family photographer


Avoid large bold patterns as they often dominate the photograph and detract attention from your beautiful face.

Usually, subtle smaller patterns work best. Flannels or a light floral print are great when they complement the location. But less is definitely more with this one, try to limit yourself to one pattern at a time. Matching patterns is a tricky task, and it’s super difficult to do well.

If you’re not quite sure what category your patterned clothes fall into, shoot me an email or send me a text and I’ll be happy to weigh in!

Cranbrook family photographer

Last but not least

Let’s talk about props

Props don’t have to scream ‘PROP!” Go for the subtle things that accentuate your personality and help to tell a story about your life. Think pets, an instrument, hats, an umbrella, or even a beer.

Kimberley family photographer
Invermere photographer
Calgary photographer


Always always always bring your pup

Dress for the season

Aim for neutral or pastels for summer/spring

Compliment, don’t match (unintentionally)

Wear something comfortable that you feel like yourself in

Natural and earthy colors look amazing in most settings

Darker colors will slim you down

Avoid anything with intense patterns

Avoid large prints, logos, and patterns

Choose clothing that fits you well and matches the location

Throw some accessories like a hat or denim jacket into your bag